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Aricie Shared Libraries

This project contains all core Aricie libraries shared between all projects from Aricie (

Includes the following librairies -
  • Aricie.Core: A collection of general purpose classes in various namespaces, with no additional dependency.
  • Aricie.DNN: A collection of classes intended to be used within the DotNetNuke CMS platform
  • Aricie.Document: A collection of classes for file documents manipulation with dependencies to 3rd party libraries.

Includes the following DNN modules -
  • Aricie.Shared: This module installs the shared libraries for use in other Aricie modules. It also includes a simple view, with a version checker.


There are a couple of components, which you may find useful in you own DNN projects:
  • Aricie.Core:
    • HybridDictionary, Trie and RadixTree implement the corresponding data structures in a generic form.
    • Serializable collections ease Xml Serialization by including sub type information into the generated Xml
    • Common, CacheHelper, ReflectionHelper, FileHelper etc. are useful helper with dedicated and general purpose methods.
  • Aricie.DNN:
    • The Configuration namespace contains classes and helpers to ease web.config edits and components installation, as a complement solution to the DNN extensions installers.
    • The Diagnostics namespace contains classes to easily generate logs with timing information
    • Services.Filtering contains entities and components to apply filters to string or execute XPath queries on Xml or Html content (thanks to the HtmlAgilityPack library)
    • Services.Flee leverages th FleeSharp project to provide easy on demand dynamically compiled expressions
    • Services.Token enhances the native DNN token replace with extended capabilities
    • Services.Workers include easy-to-use asynchronous Task queues
    • Settings eases the saving of configuration entities to module, portal settings or xml files
    • UI contains amongst other controls an extended version of native DNN property editor supporting large entities
All Aricie modules require Aricie Shared libraries to function correctly.

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